2017 Banquet Video

When I made the phone call, I couldn’t believe the response.  This mom had been on the waiting list for a twin bed for about a year and a half. We were so happy the set was available now. She let me know that she still needed the bed and the box springs.  Before I made the call, I figured her need had been met by somebody else or that she had moved.  But that was not the case.  She was anxious to come to Love INC to pick up the bed, and we were glad that she could pick it up so that she could get it as soon as possible.  She was accompanied by two teenage boys.  They came in the warehouse, and she said to one of them, “Now, you have a bed to sleep on.”  He picked out the mattress he wanted and proudly carried it back to the truck on top of his head, obviously, confirming the fact that he owned it now.  It was yet another humbling experience here at Love INC.